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Late this accolade might be, but I would feel guilty of negligence if I allow this opportunity to let go without expressing my appreciations for the award you've won. You're a Belgian by nationality but I am sure that your heart is a Filipino. Truly, your blog is an inspiration of this novice blogger to pursue my writing passion. Congratulations!


Congratulations for winning the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards for the Category “Best Foreign Blog”. Your blog is very informative and as new newbie blogger I think the most excellent advice should come from the best blogger like you.

Your a Belgian by Nationality yet you created a Blog for the Philippines, thank you for helping us promote the food, beauty, tradition, culture, festivals and tourist spots in the Philippines

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Good luck!!!

Alfa Romeo middle east

A belated congratulations to Sidney!!!


it is well deserved

gentse koppen

congrats with the award
keep up te good work


Congratulation Sidney ! More power and continue to blog about everything about Philippines :).


bravo une récompense bien méritée


Coucou !
As-tu arrêté ton blog quelques temps ? Tes couleurs nous manquent ! :-D
J'espère que tout va bien.

Bonne journée


very interesting set photos and congratulations


hi sidney!

a big congrats!

hope to see you soon!


Congratulations Sidney!
Well deserved, you're talented beyond belief.


congratulations :-)


congratulations to you, sidney :D

Andrew Gould

Congratulations, Sidney! You deserve it! It's always a pleasure to return to your wonderful photos. Excellent series here, too, documenting the occassion so well.


Again, congratulations, Sidney! Though you are not a Filipino, you have the privilege to know more about the Philippines than most Filipinos because of your travels and trips around the country. Your photographs and your blog contribute a lot in preserving and promoting Philippine culture and the Filipinos' way of life for the next generations and the rest of the world to see. Thank you very much for helping us see what we are, who we are and where we are heading as a nation through your documentaries and observations.

Now before I go melodramatic, hehehe... I wish you a wonderful break (seems you're always on a break lately, eh... LOL!) and do come back soon, safe and well! Keep the flame alive in your blog.

Sige, ingat lagi!



well done and well deserved, you always give so much more than the average photoblogger: it's been a wonderful learning curve following you over the years.


...where's the photo of you collecting your award?? unless that's you in the pretty peach dress? :-)


congratulations sidney. better late than never :)

Steven D'haene

Dag Sidney ! Proficiat met deze Award, een onderscheiding die je dubbel en dik verdiend hebt. Nog steeds geniet ik op regelmatige tijdstippen van de vele mooie fotoreportages op jouw "My SariSari Store" en ik hoop dit nog lang te kunnen doen.

Groeten uit België,



congrats! i expected it actually

yiannis krikis

Congratulations on winning Sindney


A big big CONGRATULATIONS to you! You definitely deserve it! No doubt.


Congratulations, Sidney. Im happy for your prix. Genial!!!


Congratulations, Sidney. Truely deserved!!!

May you get an award from HK as well. Your OFW series is wonderful.

Dubai next or a series of Filipinos working on ships?

Allbest from Jakarta,



Bravo Sydney. Je suis très heureuse pour vous et pour les habitants de Philippines. Nous vous remercions, nous les visiteurs de tous continents, de nous permettre de découvrir cette nation si colorée et riche de traditions ...

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